People like to eat in a clean restaurant. Perhaps their fork, knife, spoon and plate are fresh from the dishwasher- but what about the rest of your place? Being a restaurant owner, you already know there is a lot of cleaning to do. Wiping down the tables, washing dishes and cooking equipment, vacuuming the floor and cleaning the bathrooms. But what about the tasks your wait and bus staff cannot do?

The answer to cleaning your ducts, signs, dumpster area and parking lot is found in pressure washing. A pressure washer is a necessity for those in the restaurant business. Owning one allows for do-it-yourself for endless cleaning duties.
You can start inside by using your pressure washer to give the kitchen hood, duct, and filters and fans a good cleaning. This will allow for better exhaust. The floor, which is most likely mopped daily, can get a much deeper good cleaning, much better than the busboy can do at day's end! These two areas, by using a pressure washer, will also get rid of excess grease that was otherwise missed using other methods. For these areas, a light-duty setting can be used.

The exterior of the restaurant is also a key area, as this is what customers will see first. Use a setting of about 3500 PSI to clean oil spills, grease, excess dirt, chewing gum and other debris from your parking lot and sidewalks. If you have an outdoor seating area, clean that as well.

For extra greasy areas, be sure to presoak the area. Higher pressure may need to be used on chewing gum. And, do not overlook the dumpster pad area, as this could be one of the most infested areas on your property. The garbage man may pick up the bags weekly, but if there are spills and caked food on and around the dumpster, you are just asking for rats, cats, bears and other stray scavengers.

Innovative Pressure Cleaning is an all-encompassing professional power washing company that takes pride in quality workmanship and offers genuine customer care and service.


At Chutes2Clean, we strive for perfection and professionalism. Great customer service is extremely important to us. All power washing and gentle soft washing is performed in a timely manner with the latest tools and techniques. We can work while you sleep so that your business can operate as usual, without the interference of contractors or the increased liability from working during store hours. Another important aspect of our power washing company is our choice of cleaning agents. They are all environmentally safe, biodegradable and USDA approved, yet highly effective. Innovative Pressure Cleaning doesn't just power wash your property. We also hand scrub all gutters, down spouts, windows and doors. It is a complete exterior cleaning package.


Professionalism and reliability is why Chutes2Clean has been able to offer a pressure washing service with the highest standard of quality for so many satisfied customers

• Dining / Kitchen Floors

• Drive Thru's

• Dumpster Areas

• Walkways & Patios

• Awnings

• Signs

• Storefronts & Windows

• Shopping Carts

• Parking lots/garages

• Anything Greasy Dirty or Mildewed